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Meet The All New Xentain

Joseph Maldjian

Joseph Maldjian

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Meet The All New Xentain

Xentain has gotten a fresh new look, and a fresh new product. Meet the all new Xentain, now with web hosting.

A Fresh New Look

The Home Page

The New Homepage

We have substantially updated the layout of our homepage to make it easier to get to the page that you want. As soon as you type “”, the homepage displays a list of the products that we offer with basic information about them. No need to shuffle through the services popover any longer.

We have also added a new locations section to the homepage with latency indicators, helping you determine which location is right for you. The map gives you an idea of what Xentain’s general coverage looks like.

Virtual Private Servers & Colocation

The VPS & Colocation pages also have some enhancements to make navigating the Xentain site easier. Locations now have latency information readily available, and are color coded to communicate the strength of the connection. Locations also now order by latency, so the location you have the best connectivity to comes serves as the forefront of the locations component.

Embedded Looking Glass

All location-specific VPS & Colocation pages also now feature an embedded looking glass complete with test IPs, test files, and the ability to run a ping test, traceroute, or MTR to a specified hostname or IP address. I know that some of you will be frequent users of this!

Those are the highlights! We have made many more enhancements to our website that I will leave you to discover.

Xentain Now Offers Affordable Web Hosting

I am thrilled to announce that starting today, Xentain will offer high quality web hosting at radically affordable pricing.

All plans are powered by the industry leading control panel, cPanel, and the CloudLinux operating system. We also offer Free SSL certificates to all web hosting clients. Check out the new plans here.