Service Level Agreement

Last modified November 20th, 2023


This Service Level Agreement ("SLA") applies to you ("you", "your", "customer", "client") and applies to anyone currently using Xentain Solutions Inc. ("we", "our") services.

This Service Level Agreement applies to all of our products.

SLA Coverage

We will compensate if anything mention below is affected.

SLA Limitations

We will not compensate for anything mentioned below.


In an event, we are required to compensate. The client will be compensated as per the terms below:

Fair Use

Anything said to be unmetered or unlimited is meant to represent a large sum. We may not be able to provide that if we are at the peak of resources.

Bandwidth Usage:
You are expected not to be utilizing your full bandwidth capacity 24/7. If we detect that you are doing so, we will contact you and ask you to reduce your usage. If you do not comply, we will suspend your service.